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Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd

Need machines and equipment that facilitate timely completion of projects? Choose our line of Industrial Plant Machinery, Industrial Conveyors and other products.

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Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier for Mixing Machinery, Dosing Tanks, Grinding Machine, Seed Cracker Machine, Heat Exchanger, Industrial Conveyors, etc.
About Us

About Us

We, Ultra Febtech Pvt. Ltd., are a leading equipment manufacturer and exporter having core specialization in offering various machines, including but not limited to Mixing Machinery, Dosing Tanks, Grinding Machine, Seed Cracker Machine, Heat Exchanger, Industrial Conveyors, etc. We also offer professional and timely Installation And Maintenance Service of All Machines as a licensed service provider. Our personalized engineering services are second to none and we deliver some of the best product models matching our technical knowledge and understanding of the engineering sector. In addition to a range of standard products, we have competency in offering customized mixing and size reduction systems for application in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, polymer manufacturing, dyestuffs, food & beverages and others. Though we conceived our business in 1990, it was only in the year 2004 that we forayed into the global market to take our business to the next level by helping international clients from across major sectors reach us to find the perfect equipment for their need.
Most Popular Products
Ribbon Mixer
The entire unit is fabricated with engineering precision. Alongwith the double ribbons that provide to & fro, up down movement to the powder. Two of chopper blades moving at cutting speed are provided at diagonally opposite sides to break lumps of the mixture. It accurately and rapidly blends small proportions into large stocks. The equipment is also suitable to mix a small quantity of liquids of powder stocks. Offers you dust free operation, compact and excellent appearance. This low operative cost equipment is available with the sizes varying from a tiny lab model to 15000 liters. The design of the equipment also makes suitable to dry stage reaction for the application such as starch, gum and cellulose derivatives. We also offer a various range of accessories such as liquid spray system, controlled rate discharge device, jackets to control or to vary the temperature of the mass.

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